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Omer Circular Performer 2 - 16mm
Omer Circular Performer 2 - 16mm

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 Spearfishing »  Spearguns »  Spearguns »  Omer » 

Omer Cayman 2000

Omer Cayman Carbon

Omer Cayman ET

Omer Cayman ET Camu 3D

Omer Cayman ET Roller

Omer Cayman GI

Omer Cayman GI Camu

Omer Cayman HF 3D Camu

Omer Cayman Kanaloa

 Spearfishing »  Buoys / Surface Board »  Buoys » 

Omer Action Float Buoy

Omer Buoy Atoll

Omer Caravella Float

Omer Dry Bag Float

Omer Floating Marker Buoy

Omer Master Torpedo Float

Omer Torpedo Buoy with Inflatable Flag

Omer Torpedo float

Picasso Hydro Float

Picasso Mega Torpedo Float

Picasso New Bluewater Float

Picasso Torpedo Float

 Spearfishing »  Buoys / Surface Board »  Buoys Acessories » 

Complete Flag for Buoy

Float Line Winder Omer

Inner chamber for Omer Atoll Float

Inner chamber for Picasso Hydro Float

Inner chamber for Sporasub Patriot Float

Inner chamber for Torpedo Buoy

Omer Atoll Flag Only

Omer bungee float Line

Omer Shaft Tool / Float Anchor

Omer Shardana Cover

Picasso Anchor Belt

Picasso Anchor Belt with grips

Picasso Anchor Belt with Shaft Extractor

Picasso Flag for Hydro float

Picasso float Line - 6mm

Picasso Float Line Holder

Picasso Professional float anchor

PVC floating cable

 Spearfishing »  Buoys / Surface Board »  Surface Boards » 

Sporasub Discovery Float Board

 Spearfishing »  Lines »  Line Acessories » 

Picasso Crimping Sleeves Tool

Picasso Orca Clip

Picasso Swivel Corkscrew Clip

Picasso Swivel Orca Clip

Picasso Swivel Snap Clip

Prp Swivel Orca Clip

Standard Mini Bungee

Swivel Cork Screw Mini Bungee

Swivel Cork Screw Mini Bungee PRO

Swivel Snap PRO Mini Bungee

Swivel Snap Screw Mini Bungee

 Spearfishing »  Lines »  Lines » 

Elastic Cable 3mm - meter

Elastic Cable 4mm - meter

Kit Monoline + Sleeves

Nylon Line 1.5mm - By the meter

Nylon Line 2mm - by the meter

Omer Dyneema reel Line - 1.7mm (meter)

Picasso 1.5mm Black - 1 meter

Picasso 1.8mm Monoline Black - 1 Meter

Picasso 2mm Monoline - 1 Meter

Picasso Dyneema Reel line 1.5mm - 320 Kg (meter)

Picasso Dyneema Reel Line 1.7mm - 380 Kg (meter)

Picasso Dyneema Reel Line 1.9mm - 455 Kg (meter)

Picasso Wishbone Dyneema Line - 1 Meter

Sporasub Dyneema Reel Line 1mm - 150 Kg (meter)

 Spearfishing »  Lines »  Sleeves » 

Sleeves 1.6mm

Sleeves 1.9mm

Sleeves 2.2mm

 Spearfishing »  Acessories » 

Doc's Proplugs Diving protective earplugs

Fish Scraper

Neoprene 3mm Patches

Neoprene Car Seat Cover

Note Book

Omer Camouflage sponge

Omer SS Fish Scraper with soap

Picasso Lobster Net

 Spearfishing »  Wetsuits »  Omer » 

Omer 3D Camu 3mm wetsuit

Omer 3D Camu 5mm wetsuit

Omer 3D Camu 7mm wetsuit

Omer Black Stone Wetsuit

Omer Blackmoon 3D 5mm wetsuit

Omer Blackmoon 3D 7mm wetsuit

Omer Cayman Jacket 7mm

Omer Cayman Pants 5mm

Omer Cayman Pants 5mm

Omer Holo Stone wetsuit

Omer Master Team Wetsuit

Omer Mix 3D wetsuit

Omer New Dahlak Wetsuit 1.5mm

Omer New Dahlak Wetsuit 1.5mm Ocean Mimetic

Omer New Professional 6.5mm T2 Jacket

Omer Ocean Mimetic pants 6.5mm T4

Omer Simbiox 7mm s-4 Jacket

Omer Yamamoto 45 smooth skin 5mm Jacket T1

Omer Yamamoto Pants 5mm

Team Omer 5mm Smooth Skin Jacket with Protection

Team Omer 5mm Smooth Skin Pants

Team Omer 6mm Smooth Skin Pants

Team Omer 7mm Smooth Skin Jacket

Team Omer Smooth Skin wetsuit 5mm

 Spearfishing »  Belts and Weights »  Belts » 

Omer Camo Marseillaise Belt Inox Buckle

Omer Cordura Belt Nylon Buckle

Omer Cordura Belt SS Buckle

Omer Elastic Belt Nylon Buckle

Omer Elastic Belt Stainless Steel Buckle

Omer Marseillaise Belt Inox Buckle

Omer Marseillaise Belt Nylon Buckle

Picasso Cordura Belt Nylon Buckle

Picasso Cordura Belt SS Buckle

Picasso Marseillaise Belt Stainless Steel Buckle

Picasso Nylon Elastic Belt

Picasso Stainless Steel Elastic Belt

 Spearfishing »  Computers » 

Omer OMR-1

Omer UP-X1

Omer UP-X1 Rechargeable

Sporasub SP1

Sporasub SP2

Suunto D4f

Suunto D4i NOVO BLACK with USB

 Clips / Mosquetões » 

Destorcedor 7cm


 Clips / Mosquetões »  Mosquetões » 

Mosquetão Elástico c/ Argola Elástica

Mosquetão Inox Vela

Mosquetão Latão c/ Passadeira

Mosquetão Plástico c/ Argola Latex

Mosquetão Plástico c/ Fixador Mangueira

Mosquetão Snap Swivel Fechado

Picasso Plastic Hook

Picasso Pro Plastic Hook

Stainless Steel Hook

 Spearfishing »  Snorkels »  Snorkels » 

Omer Slalom Snorkel

Omer Zoom Blackmoon Snorkel

Omer Zoom Camu 3D Snorkel

Omer Zoom Pro Snorkel

Omer Zoom Seagreen Snorkel

Omer Zoom Snorkel

Omer Zoom Transparent Snorkel

Picasso Fit Snorkel

Picasso Intro Camo Brown Snorkel

Picasso Intro Camo GreenSnorkel

Picasso Intro Snorkel

Picasso Neptuno Snorkel

Picasso Short Snorkel

Picasso Storm Camo Brown Snorkel

Picasso Storm Camo Green Snorkel

Picasso Storm Snorkel

Sporasub Breeze Blackmoon Snorkel

Sporasub Breeze Camu 3D Snorkel

Sporasub Breeze Sea Green Snorkel

Sporasub Breeze Snorkel

 Spearfishing »  Bands » 

Omer Performer 2 16mm Rubbers

Omer Power 18mm Rubbers

Omer Power 20mm Rubbers

Omer Top Energy 16.5mm Rubbers

Picasso Blast Quick Rubbers

Picasso Blast Rubbers

Picasso Boom 16 mm Rubbers

Picasso Boom 17 mm Rubbers

Picasso Boom 19 mm Rubbers

Picasso Boom Quick 17 mm Rubbers

Picasso Boom Quick 19 mm Rubbers

Sporasub - 17 mm Rubbers with integrated wishbone

 Spearfishing »  Fins »  Fins » 

Cressi Gara 2000 HF Fins

Cressi Gara 3000 LD Fins

Cressi Gara Modular Carbon Camo fins

Cressi Gara Modular fins

Fin Holder

Omer EagleRay Fins

Omer Oceanfly Fins

Omer Stingray Brown 3D Fins

Omer Stingray Camu 3D Fins

Omer Stingray Carbon Camu 3D Fins

Omer StingRay Carbon fins

Omer Stingray Fins

Omer Stingray Short Fins

Omer Stingray Winter Fins

Picasso Master Carbon Fins

Picasso Master Fiber Fins

Picasso Master Power Camo Fins

Picasso Master Power Fins

Picasso Master Speed Camo Fins

Picasso Master Speed Fins

Sporasub Spitfire Camo Fins

Sporasub Spitfire Lady Fins

 Spearfishing »  Fins »  Blades » 

External Fiber blade rubber profile - Set

Internal Fiber blade rubber profile - Set

Omer Stingray Blade

Omer Stingray Camo 3D Blade

Omer Stingray Carbon Blade

Omer Stingray Carbon Camu 3D Blade

Omer Stingray Winter Blade

Picasso Fiber Blade

Picasso Master Carbon Blade

Picasso Power Blade

Picasso Power Camu Blade

Picasso Screw to fix blades

Picasso Speed Blade

Picasso Speed Camu Blade

Plastic clip to fix Fiber blade

 Spearfishing »  Fins »  Foot pockets » 

Cressi Fins fixing Kit for Gara Modular Blades

Cressi Gara Modular Foot Pockets

Omer Fin Side Rail Clip

Omer Fins fixing Kit for Stingray Blades

Omer Fins Mount Kit for Millennium Blades

Omer Green Millennium Foot pocket

Omer Millennium Foot pocket

Omer Stingray Foot pocket

Omer Stingray Short Foot Pocket

Picasso Black Team Foot pocket

Picasso MASTER CARBON Foot pocket

Picasso MASTER Foot pocket

 Clothes » 

Omer Breathless Emotion's Hat

Picasso Team American Cap

Picasso Team T-Shirt

Picasso Team wool cap

 Spearfishing »  Belts and Weights »  Weights / Leads » 

Picasso Anchor Belt with Shaft Extractor

Picasso Hydrodynamic weight - 1 KG

Picasso Quick Weight - 1 Kg

Sporasub 600 grs Weight

Weight Lead 1 Kg

Weight Lead 2 kg

 Spearfishing »  Bags » 

Dry Bag Omer

Dry Bag Picasso

Omer Double Fins Bag

Omer Fins Bag

Omer Gun Bag

Omer Mega Dry Bag

Omer New Tekno Bag

Picasso Dry Back Pack

Picasso Fins Bag

Picasso Hunter Bag

Picasso Master Bag

Simotal Basik Bag

Sporasub Dry Back Pack

Sporasub Gun Bag

 Spearfishing »  Belts and Weights »  Vests » 

Omer mimetic weight vest

Picasso Weight vest

Picasso Weight Vest Camo

Picasso Weight vest Pro

Picasso Weight vest Pro Camo

Sporasub Quick Release Weight vest

 Spearfishing »  Gloves » 

Explorer Gloves

Omer Brasil Amara Gloves

Omer Mimetic 3D Gloves - 2mm

Picasso 3mm Ultrastretch Gloves

Picasso Amara Supratex Gloves

Picasso Black Amara Gloves

Picasso Blue Ocean Amara Gloves

Picasso Brown Atlantic Amara Gloves

Picasso New Supratex Gloves

Picasso Thermal Skin 3mm Gloves

Picasso Top Dyneema gloves

 Spearfishing »  Socks » 

5mm Nylon Socks

Omer Camo 3D Socks 1.5mm

Omer Sock with Seals

OMer Titanium Socks 1.5mm

OMer Titanium Socks 3mm

Picasso Blue Ocean socks 5mm

Picasso Brown Atlantic 3mm socks

Picasso Brown Atlantic 5mm socks

Picasso Chicle Socks

Picasso Green Med 5mm socks

Picasso Supratex 3mm Blue Camo socks

Picasso Supratex 3mm Brown Camo socks

Picasso Supratex 3mm Green Camo socks

Picasso Supratex 3mm Stone Camo socks

Picasso Supratex 5mm Brown Camo socks

Picasso Supratex 5mm Green Camo socks

Picasso Supratex Phantom Socks 1,5mm

Picasso Supratex Phantom Socks 3mm

Picasso Supratex Phantom Socks 5mm

Picasso Supratex socks

Picasso Thermal Skin Socks

Sporasub Bretagne Socks

Sporasub Smooth Skin Socks

 Spearfishing »  Spearguns »  Spearguns Acessories » 

25mm Carbon tube for spear gun

25mm Picasso Barrel for speargun

25mm/23mm Barrel plug

28mm Barrel for Speargun

28mm/26mm Barrel plug

32mm Picasso Aluminum Rail Tube

32mm/28mm Barrel plug

Cayman chest pad

Cayman Ergonomic Handle

Cressi Comanche Handle

Cressi Comanche Muzzle

Cressi Geronimo Elite Muzzle

Cressi Geronimo Handle

Cressi Geronimo Muzzle

Cressi Geronimo Pivoting Bow System

Cressi Handle/Muzzle Pin

Cressi Reel Holder

Cressi Side Line Holders

Excalibur chest pad

Geronimo / Comanche Muzzle O'Ring

Line reel guide for Cressi Geronimo muzzle

Omer Cayman Chest Pad Rubber protection

Omer Cayman Handle

Omer Cayman HF Metal Cover for Muzzle

Omer Cayman HF Muzzle

Omer Cayman Stainless Steel Line Release

Omer Excalibur Handle

Omer Excalibur Line Release

Omer HF2 / XXV Plastic Bridge Only for Muzzle

Omer Muzzle Pin

Omer Plastic Pin for Handle

Omer Plastic Rail for tube

Omer Sticker Kit Camo 3D

Omer Sticker Kit Reef Camo

Omer Sticker Kit Sea Green

Omer XXV reel holder

Picasso 28mm Aluminum Rail Tube

Picasso 28mm Magnum Carbon Rail Tube

Picasso 28mm Magnum Carbon Tube

Picasso Asegai Handle

Picasso Atlas Handle

Picasso Aussie Muzzle

Picasso Azores Handle

Picasso Azores/ Asegai trigger mechanism

Picasso Basik Stainless Steel Line Releaser

Picasso Basik/Asegai chest pad

Picasso BlueWater Muzzle for 32mm tube

Picasso Central Shaft Guide

Picasso Century chest pad

Picasso Century trigger mechanism

Picasso Cobra chest pad

Picasso Cobra Handle

Picasso Cobra Line Release

Picasso Cobra Muzzle

Picasso Cobra Stainless Steel Line Release

Picasso Cobra trigger mechanism

Picasso FH ( Free Head ) Muzzle

Picasso Magnum EVO Bluewater Handle

Picasso Magnum EVO Handle

Picasso Magnum EVO Stainless Steel trigger mechanism

Picasso Magnum Muzzle

Picasso Muzzle / Handle Screw

Picasso Pacific Muzzle for 32mm tubes

Picasso Reel Holder / Shaft guide

Picasso Roller EVO Muzzle

Picasso Roller Pulley

Picasso Roller Stainless Steel Fixing System

Picasso Rubber Grip

Picasso Stainless stell shaft holder

 Spearfishing »  Fish Stringer » 

Mesh bag with belt

Nylon Cable Fish Stringer

Omer Marco Bardi Fish Stringer for Belt

Omer Net bags

Picasso Belt Fish Holder

Picasso Mesh Bag

Picasso Mesh bag with belt and protection

Picasso Weight with hole and SS Ring

Professional Omer Mesh bag with handle

Stainless Steel Cable Fish Stringer

 Spearfishing »  Wishbones » 

Omer Articulated Wishbone

Omer Articulated Wishbone Short

Picasso Competition Wishbone

Picasso Pacific Dyneema Wishbone

Picasso Quick Dyneema Wishbone

Picasso Quick Wishbone

Picasso Quick Wishbone with spheres

Picasso Spheres for Muzzle

Picasso Standard Dyneema Wishbone

Picasso Tahiti Wishbone

Plain Wishbone with Spheres

Simple Wishbone

Spring Wishbone

T-Tool for Dyneema wishbones

Wishbone Comtetition with spheres

Wishbone Plastic Cup

 Spearfishing »  Shafts »  Stainless Steel Shafts » 

Omer / Sporasub America 6.75mm shaft

Omer / Sporasub Shaft America 6.5mm

Omer / Sporasub Shaft America 7 mm

Omer 6.5mm Stainless Steel Shaft

Omer Shaft America 6.5mm Double Barb

Picasso GOLD ( Spring Steel ) Shaft 6.5 mm

Picasso GOLD ( Spring Steel ) Shaft 7 mm

Picasso GOLD ( Spring Steel ) Shaft 7.5 mm

Picasso GOLD ( Spring Steel ) Threaded Shaft 7.5 mm

Picasso GOLD (Spring Steel) Shaft 6 mm Round Notch

Picasso GOLD (Spring Steel) Shaft 6 mm Shark Fins

Picasso Paltinum Stainless Steel Shaft 7mm

Picasso Platinum Stainless Steel Shaft 6.5mm

Picasso Platinum Stainless Steel Shaft 6.75mm

Picasso Platinum Stainless Steel Shaft Roller

Picasso Platinum Stainless Steel Shaft 6.25mm

Picasso Platinum Stainless Steel Shaft 6mm

Picasso Platinum Stainless Steel Threaded Shaft 7mm

Riffe 5/16''( 8mm ) Threaded Shaft

Riffe Threaded 6.75mm Euroshaft

Sandvik SS Shaft Picasso 8mm

Stainless Steel Shaft Devoto 7mm Double Barb

Stainless Steel Shaft Metalsub 6.5mm

Stainless Steel Threaded Shaft 6.5mm

Threaded Shaft for Pneumatic Gun

 Spearfishing »  Shafts »  Shafts Acessories » 

Cressi shaft's adaptor for air gun

Omer / Mares shaft's adaptor for air gun

Omer Shaft Tool / Float Anchor

Picasso Shaft Extractor

Plastic cone for shaft

Protecção p/ Pentadente

Protecção p/ Tridente

Riffe Stainless Steel Slide ring

Stainless steel Adaptor M6-M7

Stainless steel adaptor M7-M6

Stainless steel slide ring with shock absorber

 Spearfishing »  Wetsuits »  Wetsuits Acessories » 

Chest Pad

Closing Clip for jacket beaver tail

Male Pin Only from Closing Clip for Jacket beaver tail


 Chemicals » 

Aquasure Glue

Compressa de Calor Instantâneo

Omer Liquid Sealant

Omer Neoprene Glue 50gr

Picasso Neoprene Glue 50Gr

Zip Wax

 DVDs / Magazines » 

Apneia Portugal Magazine Nº3

Apneia Portugal Magazine Nº4

Apneia Portugal Magazine Nº5

DVD - 'Os grandes Robalos de Portugal'

DVD - Spearfishing in Agadir

DVD - Spearfishing in holes with JB Esclapez

DVD - Spearfishing in the Atlantic Ocean with JB Esclapez

DVD - Spearfishing with JB Esclapez

DVD Marco Bardi Nº1 - Tecniche complementari

DVD Marco Bardi Nº2 - Tecniche di Pesca

DVD Marco Bardi Nº3 - Pesca Consapevole

DVD Marco Bardi Nº4 - Senza Respiro

DVD Marco Bardi Nº5 - Catture nel Mediterraneo

DVD Marco Bardi Nº6 - Emozioni di pesca in apnea

 Spearfishing »  Speargun Reels »  Reels »  Omer » 

Omer Aluminium Match Reel

Omer Match 30 Reel

Omer Match 50 Reel

Omer Match Sport Reel

Sporasub Mini One Reel

Sporasub One Reel

 Spearfishing »  Hood » 

Omer Jelly Fish Hood 3D Camo

Omer Neoprene Face Protection

 Swim Pool Acessories » 

Adult Straight Swim Cap

Adult Swim Glasses

Blue Swim Cap for Child

White Swim Cap for Child

 Spearfishing »  Speargun Reels »  Reel's Acessories » 

26x28mm Picasso Handle Adaptor

Air Gun Reel Adapter

Cressi Reel adapter

Cressi Reel Holder

Omer Excalibur Reel Adapter

Omer Universal Reel Adapter

Picasso Reel Holder / Shaft guide

Picasso Standard Reel Body

Picasso Standard Reel Handle

Picasso Top Reel Line Guide

Reel adapter for Omer Cayman

Reel Belt adapter

Universal Picasso Reel Adaptor

 Scuba Diving »  Fins » 

Barbatanas Playa

Barbatanas Prodigy

Fin's Plastic Buckles

Omer Oceanfly Fins

Simotal fins

 Spearfishing »  Bands »  Bands Acessories » 

Nylon Cable

Slings Knots Maker

 Scuba Diving »  Accessories » 

Doc's Proplugs Diving protective earplugs

Maracha Magnética

 Scuba Diving »  Computers » 

Suunto D4i NOVO BLACK with USB

 Scuba Diving »  Wetsuits »  Shortys » 

Blackmoon shorty t1 female

Blackmoon shorty t2 male

Omer Shorty Goblin 3mm Kid

Shorty Goblin 3mm Homem

Shorty Goblin 3mm Senhora

Shorty Nava XL

 Spearfishing »  Spearguns »  Spearguns »  Cressi » 

Cressi Cherokee

Cressi Cherokee Open

Cressi Comanche Rail

Cressi Moicano

 Scuba Diving »  Bags » 

Dry Bag Omer

Mega Dry Bag

Omer New Tekno Bag

 Waterproof Case » 

Aquapac Keymaster Case

Omer Dry Box

Omer Mini Dry Box

 Spearfishing »  Undersuit / Vest » 

Omer 1,5mm Undersuit Titanium

Omer Skin Undersuit

Omer Undersuit

Picasso Thermal Skin Undersuit Vest

Picasso Undersuit Vest

 Spearfishing »  Masks »  Masks »  Omer » 

Omer Alien Sea Green mask

Omer Alien Blackmoon mask

Omer Alien Camu 3D mask

Omer Alien Exclusive Mask with Mirror Lenses

Omer Alien mask

Omer Alien mask with optical lens

Omer Apnea Mask

Omer Apnea Mask Mirrored Lenses

Omer Bandit Mask

Omer Bandit mask with optical lens

Omer Brown Apnea Mask

Omer Spring Mask

Omer UP-M1 mask

Omer Zero3 Mud mask

Omer Zero3 Olive mask

 Spearfishing »  Masks »  Masks »  Cressi » 

Cressi Big Eyes Evo Mask

Cressi Calibro Mask

Cressi F1 mask

Cressi Focus Mask

Cressi Lince Mask

Cressi Matrix Mask

Cressi Nano Mask

Superochio Mask

 Spearfishing »  Wetsuits »  Polo Sub » 

Polo Sub 7.5mm Camo Wetsuit

Polo Sub 7.5mm Jacket Mimetic

 Scuba Diving »  Wetsuits »  Duas Peças » 

7mm Lady wetsuit T4

7mm Plush Omer wetsuit

Fato Mares Thermic 7mm Senhora

Jacket PLush 7mm

Trousers Plush 7mm

Wet suit Ergotech 5mm T4

 Scuba Diving »  Wetsuits »  Semi Secos » 

Scubapro Husky Semi-dry 7mm wetsuit

 Scuba Diving »  Gloves » 

Explorer Gloves

 Scuba Diving »  Light signals » 

Air reserve light signal

 Spearfishing »  Belts and Weights »  Belts and Weights Acessories » 

Belt attachment system

Inox Buckle

Inox Buckle for Marseillaise Belt

Marseillaise rubber for Belt

Nylon Buckle for Belt

Picasso Belt immobilizer

Picasso Stainless Steel Belt D-Ring

Plastic Belt D'Ring

 Scuba Diving »  Tanks »  Accessories » 

Aro Inox 10L + 10L

Aro Inox 15L + 15L

Base p/ Garrafa

Pistola Ar Borracha

Pistola Ar Inox

Protecção Torneira Plástico

Rede Garrafa

Transvazador 300 BAR

 Spearfishing »  Wetsuits »  Cressi » 

Cressi Scorfano Wetsuit

Cressi Tracina Wetsuit

 Spearfishing »  Speargun Reels »  Reels »  Cressi » 

Cressi Reel for Comanche/Geronimo spearguns

Cressi Vertical Reel

 Spearfishing »  Masks »  Mask Acessories » 

Alien Mask Strap Buckle

Box for mask

Inflatable bag for mask

Silicon Mask Strap

 Scuba Diving »  Boots » 

Botas 5mm c/ Fecho

Botas Oceanic Air Tour

Botas Oceanic Kids Explorer

Botas Pro Dive c/ Fecho

Rock Shoes

 Scuba Diving »  Computers »  Computadores » 

Suunto D4f

 Scuba Diving »  Computers »  Acessórios » 

Bolsa p/ Computador Aladin Air

Display shield Suunto Vytec / Vyper / Zoop

Elastomer Strap for Suunto D6/D6i

Elastomer Strap for Suunto Stinger / Spyder

Interface USB Oceanic

Suunto D3 / Mosquito Battery Kit

Suunto D4/D4i Black Strap

Suunto D4/D4i NOVOStrap

Suunto SK7 / Favor / Octopus II / Solution Strap

Suunto Transmitter D9 / HelO2 / Vyper Air Battery Kit

Suunto USB Interface for Cobra / Vyper / Zoop

Suunto USB Interface for D4i / D6i / D9Tx

 Scuba Diving »  Snorkels » 

Omersub Kito Snorkel

Omersub Max Dry Snorkel

 Spearfishing »  Knives »  Knives and Tools » 

Omer Laser Knife

Omer Laser USA Knife

Omer Maxi Laser Knife

Omer Mini Laser Knife

Picasso Dagger Knife

Picasso Sabre Knife

Picasso Tiger MAGNET Knife

Sporasub Commando Knife

 Spearfishing »  Knives »  Knives Acessories » 

Knife Sheath

Knife Strap

Omer Elastic Armband

Picasso Armband for Knife

Picasso Sharp Knife Sheath

 Scuba Diving »  Reguladores »  Accessories » 

JJax Personalised Mouthpiece for regulator

Mangueira Fato Seco 85Cm

Mangueira Regulador

Pistola de Ar

Porta Octopus Ancora

Protecção p/ Regulador DIN

Protecção p/ Regulador DIN 300 BAR

Protector de Bocal em Latex

Protector Mangueira

Protector Mangueira Espiral

Swivel p/ Regulador

 Spearfishing »  Flash Lights »  Flashlights » 

Omer Shiny LED Light

Omer Shiny LED Light Rechargeable

Picasso COSMOS LED Rechargeable

Picasso Focus LED Rechargeable

Picasso Venus Led Mini Rechargeable Torch

Picasso Venus Led Torch

Sporasub Eyelight Led

 Spearfishing »  Flash Lights »  Flashlights Acessories » 

Battery Charger for Moonlight

Battery Charger for Picasso Venus Led Mini

Battery for Picasso Venus Led

Battery for Picasso Venus Led Mini

Electronic Circuit Omer Moonlight

Electronic Circuit Omer Moonlight Elite

Flashlight Strap

Glass Protection for Moonlight

Lamp 5,2V for Minimicra

Neoprene Cover Picasso Venus LED

O-Rings Kit Omer Moonlight

Omer Elastic Armband

Omer Moonlight Bulb Holder

Omer Moonlight Elite Spare Bulb

Omer Moonlight Spare Lamp

Picasso Atomic light electrical contacts

Picasso Atomic light spare bulb

Picasso Atomic light spare complete Head

Picasso Venus LED Batteries Holder

Picasso Venus LED switch button

Ring for Moonlight Elite

Rubber Cover for Torches

Sporasub Eyelight switch button

 Spearfishing »  Shafts »  Spearheads / Multiprongs » 

4 prongs

5 prongs

Inox Short barb tip

Picasso Aussie Pranger

Picasso Bluewater Slip Tip

Picasso Reef Slip Tip

Picasso SS French Trident

SS Double Barb Tip

Stainless Steel French Trident Baby

Stainless steel long barb tip

Stainless Steel Trident with barbs

 Oportunities / Used stuff » 

Fato Blackmoon Senhora 6,5mm T1

Fato Goblin Senhora 3mm T4

Megasub Gift Card

Omer Ocean Mimetic Pants 5mm T1

 Scuba Diving »  BCD's »  BCD's » 

Explorer Kids BCD 10-14 Years

 Scuba Diving »  BCD's »  Accessories » 

Clip Macho/Fêmea 20mm

Clip Macho/Fêmea BCD 40mm

Clip Macho/Fêmea BCD 50mm

Mangueira BCD

Válvula Escape Rápido BCD

Weight pocket for BCD

 Hockey Sub » 

Underwater Hockey Glove

Underwater Hockey goals

 Scuba Diving »  Sound signals » 


 Spearfishing »  Shafts »  Barbs » 

Barb Pin

Barbela Hidrodinâmica Omer

Long Barb - 72mm

Omer Barb Holding O-Ring

Picasso Heavy duty Barb

Picasso Hydro Barb

Small Barb - 55mm

 Scuba Diving »  Wetsuits »  Monopeça » 

Fato Blackmoon 5mm Senhora

Fato Blackmoon 6,5mm Senhora

Fato Goblin 5mm Senhora

Fato Goblin 6,5mm Homem

Fato Goblin 6,5mm Senhora

Goblin KID 3mm Wetsuit

Oceanic Ascend 3mm wetsuit

Omer New Dahlak Wetsuit 1.5mm

Omersub Dahlak 1mm wetsuit

Omersub Equator Lady 3mm Lady

 Scuba Diving »  Wetsuits »  Corpetos » 

 Clips / Mosquetões »  Clips » 

Retractor 30cm c/ Argola Inox

Retractor 30cm c/ Duplo Mosquetão

 Scuba Diving »  Instruments »  Instrumentos » 

Bussola de Pulso Analógica

Manómetro Suunto SM-36 / 300 Bar

Suunto SK-7 Wrist

 Scuba Diving »  Instruments »  Acessórios » 

Mangueira HP

Suunto SK7 / Favor / Octopus II / Solution Strap

 Scuba Diving »  Tanks »  Valves » 

Torneira Dupla H M25

Torneira Simples M25

 Scuba Diving »  Belts » 

Omer Black Belt with Pockets

Omer Blue Belt with Pockets

Omer Cordura Belt Nylon Buckle

Omer Cordura Belt SS Buckle

Omer Elastic Belt Nylon Buckle

Omer Elastic Belt Stainless Steel Buckle

 Spearfishing »  Spearguns »  Spearguns »  Picasso » 

Picasso Asegai

Picasso Aussie

Picasso Azores

Picasso Cobra

Picasso Cobra Rail

Picasso Cobra Roller

Picasso Cobra Twin

Picasso Magnum EVO BlueWater

Picasso Magnum EVO BW Camo

Picasso Magnum EVO BW Camo Roller

Picasso Magnum EVO BW Carbon Rail

Picasso Magnum EVO BW Carbon Roller

Picasso Magnum EVO Rail LIGHT

Picasso Magnum EVO Tuna

Picasso MagnumEVO Carbon

Picasso Sesimbra

 Spearfishing »  Wetsuits »  Picasso » 

Jacket Picasso Chicle Mesh 7mm

Pants Picasso Chicle Mesh 7mm

Picasso 3mm Green Camo Jacket

Picasso 5mm Brown Camo Jacket

Picasso 7mm Brown Camo Jacket

Picasso Apnos 5mm wetsuit

Picasso Black Hawk 3mm Jacket

Picasso Black Hawk 3mm wetsuit

Picasso Black Hawk 5mm Jacket

Picasso Black Hawk 5mm Pants

Picasso Black Hawk 5mm wetsuit

Picasso Black Hawk 7mm wetsuit

Picasso Brown Atlantic 7mm jacket

Picasso Brown Camo 5mm Pants

Picasso Brown Camo 5mm Wetsuit

Picasso Brown Camo 7mm Pants

Picasso Brown Camo 7mm Wetsuit

Picasso Dark 3mm Wetsuit

Picasso Dark 5mm Wetsuit

Picasso Dark trousers 5mm

Picasso First Wetsuit

Picasso Ghost 5mm Wetsuit

Picasso Ghost trousers 5mm

Picasso Ghost trousers 7mm

Picasso Green Camo 3mm Wetsuit

Picasso Green Camo 5mm Pants

Picasso Green Camo 5mm Wetsuit

Picasso Green Camo 7mm Wetsuit

Picasso Green Med 7mm Pants

Picasso Hombra Termic 7mm wetsuit

Picasso Phantom Wetsuit

Picasso Shadow Wetsuit

Picasso Stone Camo Wetsuit

Picasso Thermal Skin Jacket

Picasso Thermal Skin Pants

Picasso Thermal Skin Wetsuit

Simotal 7mm Camo Wetsuit

 Spearfishing »  Masks »  Masks »  Picasso » 

Picasso Abyssal Mask

Picasso Atomic Brown Mask

Picasso Atomic Green Mask

Picasso Atomic Mask

Picasso Classic GoPro Mask

Picasso Infima Camo Brown Mask

Picasso Infima Camo Green Mask

Picasso Infima Mask

Picasso Infima Mask GoPro

Picasso New Mikron Mask

Picasso New Mikron Mirror Lens

Picasso Panorama

Picasso Panorama Mirror Lens

 Spearfishing »  Computers »  Computers Acessories » 

Elastomer Strap for Suunto D6/D6i

HELO2 / VYPER / GEKKO / ZOOP Elastomer Strap

Omer Computer Cover

Omer MIK1 Battery Kit

Omer MIK1 Wrist Strap

Omer OMR1 USB Charging Cable

Omer UP-X1 Wristband

Omer UPX1 / Sporasub SP2 Battery Kit

Omer UPX1 / Sporasub SP2 Data Cable

Sporasub SP1 Battery Kit

Sporasub SP1 Wrist Strap

Sporasub SP2 Wristband

Suunto D3 / Mosquito Battery Kit

Suunto D4/D4i Black Strap

 Spearfishing »  Spearguns »  Airguns »  Airguns » 

Cressi Saetta

Omer Airbalete Black

Omer Airbalete Camo

Omer AirXII

Omer Tempest

 Spearfishing »  Spearguns »  Airguns »  Airguns Acessories » 

Omer Airgrease - Grease for Pneumatic Gun

Pneumatic Gun Loader

 Scuba Diving »  Wetsuits »  Jackets » 

Jacket Goblin 5mm Homem

Jacket Goblin 5mm Senhora

 Digital Scale » 

Digital Scale 50 Kg

 Scuba Diving »  Tools » 

Corta Cabos Grande

Corta Cabos Pequeno

Multitool Regulador

 Scuba Diving »  Masks » 

Omer Spring Mask

Silicon Mask Strap

 Spearfishing »  Snorkels »  Acessories » 

Clip Holder Omer Zoom

Mouthpiece for Omer Zoom Snorkel

Mouthpiece for Sporasub Breeze Snorkel

Neoprene Cover for Snorkel

Picasso Nodo MouthPiece

Rubber Strap Holder for Snorkel

Valve for Snorkel

 Spearfishing »  Wetsuits »  Cavalero » 

Casaco Plush 5mm c/Fecho c/Vedantes

Cavalero Jacket Plush Pro 5mm

Cavalero Jacket Plush Pro 5mm with Zipper

Cavalero Lycra Mimetic Trouser

Cavalero Wetsuit Plush Pro 5mm

 Spearfishing »  Bands »  On Meter » 

Omer Performer 2 Rubber - by the meter

Picasso BLAST rubber by the meter

Picasso BOOM rubber by the meter

Picasso BOOM Virgin Latex Rubber by the meter

 Spearfishing »  Speargun Reels »  Reels »   » 

Picasso Standard Reel

Picasso Top EVO Reel

Picasso TOP GoPro Reel

Picasso Universal Top Reel

 Spearfishing »  Wetsuits »  Sporasub » 

Sporasub Blue Deep Wetsuit

Sporasub J55 Jacket

Sporasub J55 Pants

Sporasub J55 wetsuit

Sporasub Reef Camu Wetsuit 1.5mm

Sporasub Sandwich Jacket

Sporasub Sandwich wetsuit

Sporasub Sea Green 3D wetsuit

Sporasub Sea Green 3D wetsuit - 7/5mm

Sporasub Yemaya Lady 5mm wetsuit

 Trophys and figures » 


Dentex Dentex

Diplodus Sargus



Silver pin - Diver

Silver pin - Spearfisherman

Sparus Aurata

 Spearfishing »  Masks »  Masks »  Sporasub » 

Sporasub Mystic Blackmoon mask

Sporasub Mystic Camu 3D mask

Sporasub Mystic mask

Sporasub Mystic Sea Green mask

Sporasub Piranha mask

 Spearfishing »  Bands »  Circular » 

Omer Circular Performer 2 - 16mm

Omer Circular Performer 2 - 18mm

Omer Circular Power 18mm

Omer Circular Top Energy 16.5mm

Picasso Circular Blast Quick Rubbers

Picasso Circular Blast Rubbers

Picasso Circular Boom Quick Rubbers

Picasso Circular Boom Rubbers

Riffe Power Bands 16mm

 Spearfishing »   » 

Spearfishing complete Kit - Beginner

 Spearfishing »  Bungees » 

Picasso Float Bungee - 1 Meter

Picasso Float Bungee - 3 Meter

Picasso Float Bungee - 5 Meters

Swivel Cork Screw Mini Bungee PRO

Swivel Snap PRO Mini Bungee

 Underwater Scooters » 

Apollo Scooter AV1 battery

 Video » 

Omer Cayman Video Camera Bracket

Stainless Steel Picasso Video Camera Bracket

Video Camera Dive Pro 4K Ultra HD WIFI

Video Camera Dive Pro HD

 Spearfishing »  Spearguns »  Spearguns »  Sporasub » 

Sporasub One Gun

 Spearfishing »  Fish / Shaft Extractors » 

Fish Extractor Picasso

Fish Extractor Pro Picasso

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08.Picasso 2mm Monoline - 1 Meter
09.Sleeves 1.6mm
10.Picasso Dyneema Reel Line 1.9mm - 455 Kg (meter)
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